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Pats Sign Ball, Rams Remain In St. Louis, Barkley Says Bulls Would Beat Warriors


The New England Patriots are continuing to work out Steven Jackson, but they also signed running back Montee Ball.  Ball was drafted by the Broncos with the hopes he would help out Peyton Manning.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for Ball, and he was released at the beginning of the season.  He has spent almost all year out of the league, but the Patriots came calling and signed him to the practice squad.  Ball said he feels very fortunate for his fresh start, and hopes the Pats come calling on his services in the playoffs.
Elsewhere in the NFL, there was a lot of hype earlier this year concerning the St. Louis Rams possibly moving back to Los Angeles.  This plan, however, has stalled and it looks as if the Rams will remain in St. Louis for another season.  On account of this development, head coach Jeff Fisher’s job is probably secure. If the owner breaks Fisher’s contract, he will have to pay $6 million and doesn’t want to shell out the money if the team might be getting an entirely new identity a year from now.


Charles BarkeleyIn the NBA, with the Golden Stare Warriors hot start, and their attempt to break the 96 Bulls record of 72 wins, everyone is wondering which team would win in a hypothetical game.  Many think it would be evenly matched, but Charles Barkley said the ’96 Bulls would kill Golden State because the Bulls were much bigger in size.  Barkley said, “who is going to guard Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman?” It’s certainly an interesting point, and also shows how the NBA has gone from a size based league, to a smaller, speed based league.

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