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LeSean McCoy Won’t Shake Kelly’s Hand, Manziel To Start Agst 49ers


LeSean McCoyThe Buffalo Bills play the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday and tensions will be high. Eagles’ coach, Chip Kelly, traded star running back LeSean McCoy back in March. Sunday will be the first time Kelly and McCoy will face each other since the trade. Kelly has stated that he would like to shake McCoy’s hand, but McCoy is still bitter and said “Chip can’t shake s*** at all. Nothing.” This bitterness should lend some drama to Sunday’s matchup.

In other NFL news, QB Johnny Manziel is getting another chance. After multiple off-field incidents (including partying all weekend during the Brown’s bye week), Cleveland Browns’ coach Mike Pettine will start Manziel on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers. Pettine stated the repercussions would be harsh if Manziel acts inappropriately again.  “To be a starting quarterback in this league, with that comes great responsibility. The field is part of it and off the field is another part of it.”

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