Hail Mary Saves Packers, Coldplay To Perform At Super Bowl


A desperation Hail Mary saved the day for the Packers! The Green Bay Packers scored on a 61-yard Hail Mary brought down by Richard Rodgers to beat the Detroit Lions.  It was the longest Hail Mary in NFL history.The game deciding play was set up by a facemask penalty on Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers. Devin Taylor was flagged for the penalty but insists (and replays seem to confirm) that it should not have been a violation. It was an exciting end to a game  and kept the Packers in the playoff hunt. Packers 27, Lions 23.

Coldplay 2In other NFL news, the League announced that Coldplay will perform at Halftime at the Super Bowl. Fans reactions on twitter were not too positive. They felt that Colplay was too boring and too British to perform at America’s greatest sporting event.

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