Curry Stuns Crowd With 28 Points In 3rd Q During Dell Curry Night, Rio’s Waters Contaminated, Saban References Coke Bottle


Steph & Dell Curry 2The Charlotte Hornets hosted a celebration of Steph Curry’s Dad, Dell Curry, on Wednesday night. The celebration continued all night as Steph dominated the boards with a stunning 28 points in just the 3rd quarter. Steph scored 40 points overall in a all-Curry evening that no doubt made his Dad proud (even though Dell’s Hornets lost). The Golden State Warriors continue their insane winning streak. Warriors 111, Hornets 99.


The Associated Press reported that the levels of contamination caused by human sewage in the waters in Rio are 1.7 million times higher than acceptable levels in the U.S. Many athletes who competed in Brazil over the summer in pre-Olympic rowing and sailing events fell ill due to exposure to the water. Rio won the bid to host the Olympics on a promise that they’d improve sewage sanitation. The promise was clearly not fulfilled and people are up in arms that athletes will have to compete in the unhealthy environment.


Nick Saban went off on reporters during a press conference when asked about his defensive coordinator, Kirby Smart, heading to Georgia as their new head coach. It was an awkward exchange where Saban referred to a coke bottle and claimed that reporters were making things up.“You all speculate and create things, and then you want people to respond to it. Get this bottle to respond to it because I don’t know anything more than that. I told you everything I know, so you can ask the bottle, but don’t ask me.”

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