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Hamels To Texas Rangers, Bengals Head Coach Will Retire If Super Bowl Win, Tim Tebow’s Odd Workout


Despite his amazing no-hitter this weekend, it looks like the Phillies are still trading Cole Hamels.  Reports surfaced that Philly would trade long-time, beloved starting pitcher Hamels to the Texas Rangers.  In exchange, the Phillies would get some young assets from the Rangers to reload their farm system.  Texas is still 8.5 games out of first, but they apparently think they can make a run to the playoffs in the second half of the season.  Even if they come up short, Hamels is still a brilliant addition to their rotation.


At a press conference, Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis said that if the Bengals win the Super Bowl, he will likely retire.  Unless the Bengals start getting some incredible playoff performances from their now highly paid QB Andy Dalton, Marvin Lewis is going to be coaching for a long time.  The Bengals do look pretty decent on paper, but can they put it all together and make a run to the Big Dance?  We shall see.

Tim TebowTim Tebow is taking his most likely last shot at the NFL very seriously.  He’s not in line to start in Philly — in fact he’s 4th string, but he is doing everything he can to get ready for the season.  Everything including these very bizarre leg workouts that were the talk of the internet.  Absolutely nobody knew what they were (even bodybuilders), but they definitely look difficult.  Take a look.

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