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Steph Curry Not MVP For Players, Seth Curry On Kings, LeBron Magnet


In the NBA, while Stephen Curry is the reigning MVP of the league, that is only in the eyes of the voting committee.  This week, the NBA players, who said they evaluate players differently than the voting committees, picked James Harden as the MVP.  His stats were better and they felt that he meant more to his team than any other player in the league meant to their respective team (even LeBron to the Cavs).  The players did, however, choose Curry as “Hardest To Guard”.  That one would be tough to argue.

Seth and Steph CurrySpeaking of Stephen Curry, his brother, Seth, was still looking for a job.  Seth had a phenomenal summer league with the New Orleans Pelicans, but the Pelicans didn’t have enough room or money to sign him. The Sacramento Kings, however,  came calling and gave him a deal.  There will now be a bay area rivalry between the Curry brothers.  Stephen is definitely the better player, but Seth can get hot, and fans in Northern California (Steph with the Golden State Warriors and Seth with the Kings) would love to watch a 3-point fest between the brothers.

Elsewhere in the NBA, LeBron James continues to be a magnet for free agents.  Long time veteran Richard Jefferson decided to decline his opportunity to sign with the Dallas Mavericks.  Instead, he opted to join LeBron in Cleveland.  Jefferson probably only has a year or two left, but he still can contribute for a few minutes with a clutch shot here or there.  The Cavs keep loading up talent in hopes of another Finals appearance.

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