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Spieth One To Watch, Lawson Back To Nuggets, Drew Brees To Enter Politics On Retirement


Jordan SpiethWe are slowly seeing the evolution of the next Tiger Woods.  Jordan Spieth has won two major tournaments this year, and now, at The Open in Scotland, he is in line to potentially win 3.   Spieth had a slow start the first two days, but he shot so well on Day 3 that he is now just one stroke behind the leaders at -11.   Spieth will play Monday.  He is a player that could dominate the sport for the next 10 years.


Ty Lawson In the NBA, Denver Nuggets point guard, Ty Lawson, continues to get in trouble.  After committing his 2nd DUI this year, he had to check into alcohol counseling. You can check it out here, for DUI legal assistance. On account of this, the Nuggets have made it known that they are ready to move on from the Ty Lawson era.  Earlier this month, they tried to trade him to the Sacramento Kings for a draft pick, but the Kings didn’t bite. Now, it appears that the Houston Rockets are willing to give Lawson another chance. The Rockets need an efficient point guard, and he seems like the perfect fit for the system.  This could be a good move for the Team.


In the NFL, New Orleans Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees once said that he thought he could play quarterback until he was 45.  Currently, he’s 36, and while the Saints struggled last season, Brees will likely bounce back and show the world that he’s still got what it takes.  Brees also said that he could get involved in politics after his career finished.  He said he hadn’t yet thought about what arena of politics would interest him, but said that there is a lot of things he wants to do and could move towards an avenue that would allow him to make a difference.

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