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Braxton Miller Transition To All Around Athlete, Gamers Drug Testing


In college football, there is a logjam at quarterback at Ohio State.  They have last year’s savior Cardale Jones, a back-up who brought the Team to victory, and their former golden boy Braxton Miller (who went down with an injury).  Miller decided to stay at Ohio State instead of transferring (which many considered a questionable decision considering he might have wanted to shine for pro scouts somewhere else).  Miller, however, will now make the transition to wide receiver, and hope to be drafted as an all-around athlete in the pros.  This move may prove wise as Miller will still be in the national spotlight at Ohio State.


c18c9b9d918bbd656c121970f2567f91And some very interesting news out of the video game arena.  This past decade video games have become a “professional” sport.  There are leagues and tournaments popping up all over the world. With the “professional” moniker comes professional rules, meaning that some leagues will begin testing their gamers for performance enhancing drugs.  Drugs are considered a no-no in that world, and players can gain an unfair advantage by taking Adderall.  Many gamers will be shocked by this ruling but the industry wants a fair playing field.

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