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Josh Smith To Clippers, Porzingis Great Summer League, Jerry Jones Said 5 Super Bowls


In the NBA, the free agency period is winding down, but there are still some quality names out there that could help teams win next year.  The Clippers need more depth even after bringing in Lance Stephenson and Paul Pierce.  So they signed another veteran and former all-star, Josh Smith.  The Clippers say they will capitalize on Smith’s “winning” attitude, as Smith said he “chose winning” when he decided to go to the Clippers over other suitors.

Kristaps PorzingisIn the NBA summer league, the New York Knicks caught a lot of flack when they selected the hyped foreigner Kristaps Porzingis.  But, Porzingis is actually having a great summer league.  He’s young and raw, but he’s also quite effective.  Porzingis is going to be a work in progress, but seeing him do some marvelous things in summer league, Knicks fans should have hope that maybe this was the right pick.


When Dez Bryant signed a huge deal two days ago to remain with the Dallas Cowboys, he got a call from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.  On the call, Jones uttered the line, “Let’s just win 5 straight Super Bowls”.  Ambitious for sure, but at least Cowboys fans can be excited about the optimism surrounding the team.  It’s hard to know if the Cowboys will play at the same level they did last year, especially after losing DeMarco Murray, but keeping Dez was a smart and necessary move.

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