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NBA Rule Changes, USA Men’s Soccer Lose To Jamaica, Lebron’s Solid Debut In Trainwreck


In the NBA, a major rule change is in the works.  Most casual fans are not familiar with the divisions in basketball (like they are in the NFL because of the rivalries), but currently in the NBA, a division winner secures a spot in the playoffs.  Unfortunately, not all division winners deserve a spot.  The NBA is now looking into allowing the top 8 teams in each conference into the playoffs, regardless of their division standing.  For example, the Spurs and the Clippers had a first round match-up last year, simply because the Blazers (a mediocre team) got a better seeding.  This rule change should lead to a more competitive playoff experience.


The US men’s team was looking for glory in the Gold Cup, and were hoping to show the world that they are an improved team since the last World Cup.   Unfortunately, in the semifinals on Wednesday, the USA got caught sleeping and Jamaica pulled a huge upset.  Thankfully, the United States’ superstar goalie Tim Howard (who had taken a sabbatical since the 2014 World Cup) said he is ready to return to the team.  Jamaica 2, USA 1.


TrainwreckIf you’re looking to see a movie this weekend, critics are all saying that superstar LeBron James is quite funny in the movie Trainwreck.  According to the most revered critics in the nation, Lebron does a solid job even though he had never acted before.

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