Kyrie Irving On Fire For Cavs, Former QB Says Deflating Footballs Common, Marquee Tennis Matchup


Kyrie IrvingIn the NBA, the Cleveland Cavaliers were without LeBron James again against the Portland Trailblazers.  The Cavs are 1-8 when LeBron doesn’t play, but Wednesday night they were hoping to change that tune.  And fortunately for them, their star point guard, Kyrie Irving, caught fire.  He had an alarming 55 points in the game, hit 11 three-pointers, one of which being the game winner.  Cleveland has another superstar on their hands, and they look like they are surging upwards.  Cleveland 99, Portland 94.


And in the NFL, former NFL quarterback Jeff Blake has come out and said that deflating balls is extremely common in the NFL.  Blake stated that when he played, nobody liked how hard the footballs were when they came out of the bag.  They were too firm and players couldn’t really get a feel for them.  And then he, and many other quarterbacks, would say “That’s too hard — take some of the air out”, and they would put a pin it and make it better.  Blake’s main points is that every team does this stuff, and he has no idea what the big deal is with the Patriots situation.  “It’s not like the balls are flat”, Blake said.


Maria SharapovaIn women’s tennis, we’ve got an exciting championship between two big name stars.  The Australian open will feature a finals between Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova.  This isn’t exactly rare in tennis, but when you’ve got two players who are marquee names and endorsers of many products worldwide, it’s always exciting from a financial point of view.  Sharapova, however, has only beaten Serena Williams twice in their 18 meetings.

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