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Hawks Unstoppable, Cavs Might Sign Ray Allen, Peyton Likely Back Next Season


In the NBA, we spend a lot of time talking about the stars of the league and how they might win a championship, but the hottest team in the league right now actually has no big-name stars.  The Atlanta Hawks are the #1 seed in the East, and are winning because of team ball.  They are being called “San Antonio East”, and have just an amazing team chemistry.  And on Wednesday night, they won their franchise high 14th straight game in a row.  They are simply unstoppable, and are actually the Vegas favorites to the win the NBA Championship.  Keep your eye on the Hawks, because they are a very fun team to watch.  Atlanta 110, Indiana 91.

Ray AllenElsewhere in the NBA, it seems like the Cleveland Cavaliers are getting everything they want, and now rumors are circling that LeBron James had a conversation with Ray Allen about joining the team.  Ray was integral to the Heat’s championship runs, and having a marksman, despite his age, would be a huge boon should the Cavaliers make the playoffs (which they probably will).  Allen is still semi-retired right now, but he might just be resting his body for a playoff run with a contender.


In the NFL Peyton Manning states that he is aiming to return in 2015.  He would have to deal with a new coach in Gary Kubiak and a new offensive coordinator  but as of now, it looks like he’ll play. Denver still has some fantastic weapons, and Peyton is not the type of guy to just walk away.

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