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Trestman Moves To Ravens, Chan Gailey Out Of Retirement To Jets, MLB Trying To Shorten Inning Breaks


Mark TrestmanIn the NFL, the Chicago Bears may have moved on from Mark Trestman to new head coach John Fox, but some still want Trestman’s offensive services.  The Baltimore Ravens, who are typically known for their lackluster offense, have hired Trestman as their offensive coordinator.  Trestman has a reputation for trying to implement explosive offenses, and this is the type of interesting move that might just pay off.

And in other offensive coordinator news, the New York Jets have found theirs.  They brought former Bills head coach Chan Gailey out of retirement, and are giving him the reigns with the Jets’ offense.  This is a strange hire, considering that Gailey is an older coach who has been out of the game for a while, but there must be something about him that gets people to call.  Perhaps with a new head coach and offensive coordinator, we may be seeing a different Jets team next season.


Finally, in Major League Baseball, there have been a lot of complaints the last few years that games are simply taking too long.  The average baseball game runs a little over 3 hours.  Sometimes they can get as long as 3.5 or 4 hours.  Now, the MLB is putting forward a proposal to shorten inning breaks.  According to research, inning breaks take at least 2.5 to 3 minutes.  Major League Baseball is trying to shorten this break to no longer than 30 seconds.  That could shave at least 20 minutes off of the game time.  This is a good start to getting young players back to the sport.

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