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Seahawks Squeeze By Packers And Patriots Overwhelm Colts To Meet In SB 49, Broncos Hire Kubiak As Head Coach


In the NFL, 4 teams were vying for a ticket to the Super Bowl this weekend.  First up, it was the Green Bay Packers taking on the Seattle Seahawks.  The Seahawks have a distinct home field advantage, but that isn’t something that bothers Aaron Rodgers.  The Packers jumped out to a surprising 16-0 lead, and the Seahawks went into halftime a bit nervous.
Marshawn LynchIn the 2nd half, however, the Seahawks pulled some miracle plays to get back in the game.  A fake field goal that converted to a touchdown, a touchdown run by QB Russell Wilson, a phenomenal onside kick, and a beastly play from Marshawn Lynch gave the Seahawks the lead.  Another amazing 2-point conversion by the Seahawks gave them a 3-point lead.  A late drive by the Packers allowed them to tie the game and we were headed to overtime.

But in OT, the Seahawks took care of business, as Russell Wilson hit Jermaine Kearse for a touchdown to win the game and send them to Super Bowl 49.  Seattle 28, Green Bay 22.

LeGarrette BlountThen, in the AFC, it was the New England Patriots hosting the Indianapolis Colts.  The Colts shocked the Broncos last week, and were hoping they were the team of destiny this year.  Unfortunately, the Colts were simply too young and too over-matched by Tom Brady and the Pats.  The Patriots came out strong and absolutely crushed the Colts.  LeGarrett Blount had a huge rushing day, and the Pats look nothing short of fantastic.  New England 45, Indianapolis 7.

We will have a terrific Super Bowl match-up in two weeks between the Patriots and Seahawks in Arizona.

Finally, in the NFL, the Denver Broncos hired former Texans’ coach Gary Kubiak as their new head coach.  Fans are not thrilled about the hire, and many think that Peyton Manning may not be excited about it either.  This may signal the end of Peyton Manning’s playing career.

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