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Kobe Undergoing Surgery, Seattle D Injuries, SNL Spoofs Deflategate


Kobe BryantLA Laker’s Kobe Bryant is undergoing surgery on his shoulder. Is this the end of the 36 year old’s career? Even with season ending injuries the last few years, he’s still the highest paid player in the NBA.


Injuries and medical mistakes are usual topics in games. In other injury news, Seattle’s defense is suffering a few injuries. Their Safety, Earl Thomas, and Cornerback, Richard Sherman, both sustained injuries in the NFC Championship Game against the Green Bay Packers two weekends ago. Both claim they will be in tip top shape for the Super Bowl on Sunday. They are both huge competitors playing in the biggest sporting event in the country so they’ll do everything in their power to be well. Thomas said, “If my mental is right, my body just mirrors that.”

Tom BradyDeflategate is not going away. New England QB Tom Brady still hasn’t spoken to investigators. The NFL has already interviewed 40 people but are not planning to talk to Brady until after the Super Bowl. Brady and head coach, Bill Belichick both claim to have had nothing to do with the under-inflated balls. This story is definitely not going away and when Saturday Night spoofs it, you know it’s going to remain a big story.

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