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Seahawks To Face Packers In NFC Championship, Colts VS Patriots In AFC Championship, Rex Ryan To Bills


The divisional playoffs are over and we’re one step closer to the teams that will be competing in the Super Bowl. On Saturday, the Seattle Seahawks didn’t even play their finest game but with their super tough defense, they overpowered the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers have a formidable defense too but they just need a bit more time to develop. In fact, Seattle’s defensive end, Michael Bennett tried to point out their similarities this week with a somewhat confusing analogy, but we kind of sort of get the point:

“It’s so much alike, man,” Bennett told the Everett Herald. “It’s like you look at a girl who looks like you, and you find out it’s your cousin, so you can’t go on a date with her even though you’d like to, because she looks like you. But then you see her friend, and her friend’s really hot, and you’re like, ‘That’s not my cousin,’ so it’s good.”

The Carolina Panthers time will come, but for now, the Seahawks are on a 7 game win streak and will face the Green Bay Packers in Seattle next week. Seahawks 31, Panthers 17.

In the other NFC divisional game between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys, fans were concerned about the Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers health. Rodgers previously injured his calf but according to team officials, Rodgers would be just fine for the game. Even though statistically he had a great game over the Cowboys (316 yards and 3 touchdowns), his mobility was a bit off, which could be a problem against the Seahawks. The Packers/Cowboys game was not without controversy. As the Cowboys were trailing on 4th down, Cowboys’ QB, Tony Romo threw the ball downfield to receiver Dez Bryant who made an incredible catch. The play was reviewed and shockingly overturned, which could have made all the difference in the outcome.  Packers 26, Cowboys 21.

Andrew LuckIn the AFC, the Indianapolis Colts cruised over the Denver Broncos. The Colts’ QB Andrew Luck was up against his predecessor in Indy, Peyton Manning but didn’t show any signs of intimidation. Even though Luck had a great game, no one is talking about him this week. Everyone is questioning whether Manning will be coming back next season. Colts 24, Broncos 13.

The Colts will face the always tough New England Patriots next weekend in the Conference Championship. Tom Brady and the Patriots beat the Baltimore Ravens in the divisional round 35-31.


Rex RyanIn other NFL news, longtime and often controversial New York Jets head coach, Rex Ryan, is heading upstate to coach the Buffalo Bills. The Bills are in the same division as the Jets which should make for an even more interesting rivalry when the two teams face off.

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