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Kurt Busch Testifies Girlfriend Is Assassin, Jets Hire Bowles, Mike Greenberg’s Novel


Kurt BuschIn a completely bizarre court testimony, NASCAR driver Kurt Busch testified that his former girlfriend Patricia Driscoll is an assassin….yes, that’s right “a trained assassin dispatched on covert missions around the world”. These claims all came about in court because Driscoll wants a protective order against Busch for alleged abuse.


The New York Jets have a new coach and new GM. Arizona’s former defensive coordinator, Tom Bowles, will try and lead the dreadful 4-12 Jets into a new era.


Mike GreenbergIf you’ve ever watched Mike and Mike on ESPN (the highest rated sports talk show in the country), you know how talented and entertaining this team is. You may also know that Mike Greenberg (Greeny) is also a great novelist. He’s come out with his second novel, “My Father’s Wives”. It’s in pre-release now and it’s gotten great reviews. I’m ordering now!

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