Cavs Top Bulls, Knicks Grab Home Win Over Pelicans, Patriots Accused Of Using Less-Inflated Balls


Kevin LoveIn the NBA, everybody knows that the Cleveland Cavaliers have been struggling lately, but on Monday it looked like they were back in decent form.  They took on a Chicago Bulls’ team that is having their own woes, and the Cavs played like a solid unit.  They got Kevin Love more into the mix, and their new big man addition, Timofey Mozgov, gave them some solid rebounding.  The Cavs easily topped the Bulls, and look to be getting back on track.  Cleveland 108, Chicago 94.

Elsewhere in the NBA, the Knicks have been arguably the worst team in the NBA this season, but on Monday they showed marked improvement and did their best to try and grab the home win against the New Orleans Pelicans.  The Pelicans were without their star big man Anthony Davis, and the Knicks took advantage.  The game came down to the wire, but an unselfish Carmelo Anthony hit Jose Calderon in the corner for the game winning three-pointer.  This was a great win for the Knicks in front of their fans in a packed Madison Square Garden.  NY Knicks 99, New Orleans 92.


deflated footballFinally, the NFL is investigating the Patriots for something very strange.  It’s being reported that the Pats MAY HAVE, emphasis on MAY because this sounds pretty ridiculous, used slightly less-inflated balls.  It’s hard to know why they would do this or how it would adversely affect the Colts, but the Colts are sounding some alarms.  All the Pats players have been laughing this off in media interviews, but if the NFL finds out this was true, then the Pats could lose draft picks.  The Pats highly covet their draft picks and this would be a huge blow for them.  We shall see shortly what the NFL discovers.

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