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Manning Better Leader Than Roethlisberger, Love Trade Looks Like Cavs, Rose On A Mission


Ben RoethlisbergerIn the NFL, former Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders made some controversial comments to the media a few days ago.  Sanders came right out and said that his new quarterback, Bronco’s Peyton Manning, was a “far better leader” than his former QB Ben Roethlisberger.  Sanders said that Manning was always ready to practice, as opposed to Roethlisberger who could be “tough to find”. Current star Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown had an issue with his former teammate’s comments.  Brown said that “you don’t throw your quarterback under the bus, the guy who makes you who you are.”  Either way, both Sanders and Brown are bound for breakout years.  


In the NBA, it looks like the Minnesota Timberwolves have narrowed the Kevin Love trade talks to just the Cleveland Cavaliers.  It was reported that the Bulls and Warriors were also trying hard to trade for Love, but the Wolves think the best value is with the Cavs.  It’s likely that Love will leave in free agency next year, so the Wolves may as well get what they can for him.  If they can get a future superstar like Andrew Wiggins, it may be worth sending Love out of town.

Derrick RoseFinally, in the NBA, former Memphis head coach John Calipari, now with Kentucky, has said that the Bull’s Derrick Rose is “on a mission”.  The former MVP has been injured the most part of the past two seasons, but Rose is turning a lot of heads during the Team USA practices.  Calipari coached Derrick Rose while at Memphis, when Rose led them to the National Championship game.  Look for Rose to have a major comeback season this fall. 

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