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Knoblauch Arrested For Assault, Linsanity Over In LA, Ray Rice’s Attack Short Sentence


The Minnesota Twins were set to induct their former beloved star Chuck Knoblauch to their team Hall of Fame.  They even planned an entire induction ceremony for him, which was set to include other famous Twins from the early 90s (Knoblauch’s era).  Unfortunately, the Twins have decided to cancel that ceremony on account of the fact that Knoblauch was arrested this week for assaulting his ex-wife.  This is also not the first time Knoblach has been arrested for assault.  Clearly, while he was great for the organization, the Twins want to make Knoblauch a part of the past.  


Jeremy LinJeremy Lin was welcomed by the Los Angeles Lakers yesterday.  And Lin wanted to make it clear that the whole “Linsanity” period is behind him.  Lin said he had no interest in living that hype banner season, and is dead focused on being a great player on the court.  He is excited to play with Kobe Bryant, one of his heroes, and wants to concentrate on winning games.  Lin is relieved that his the expectations of having to be a superstar all the time is behind him.



Ray RiceIn the NFL, many remember Baltimore Ravens’ running back Ray Rice’s violent attack on his fiance a few months ago. He was actually dragging her unconscious out of the elevator. Some thought he would be suspended for the year, and others thought he would likely be cut from the Ravens, as they didn’t want to associate with such a player. But on Thursday, the ruling came out, and Rice will be suspended for ONLY 2 GAMES! That’s nothing, and many are complaining that clearly the NFL doesn’t care about that type of heinous behavior. Sure, we don’t know the whole story about what happened on that elevator, but it still appeared worse than just a slap on the wrist, two-game suspension.


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