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Love for Wiggins in Cleveland, Boozer to LA, Chasing Rory in Open


Andrew WigginsIn the NBA, the hot rumor of the day is that the Cleveland Cavaliers MIGHT be bringing Kevin Love to town to pair with LeBron & Kyrie:  The New Big 3.  And on Thursday it was reported that the Cavs may send the #1 overall draft pick, Andrew Wiggins, to the Minnesota Timberwolves in return.  Wiggins could be a superstar, and the Cavs may regret letting him go.  But Love is a proven star, and entering the prime of his career.  The Cavs can’t squander LeBron’s prime years waiting for Wiggins to grow up.  Plus, the T-Wolves would relish bringing in a potential superstar like Wiggins.  This trade may just happen soon.  

Elsewhere in the NBA, the Chicago Bulls recently cut aging veteran Carlos Boozer.  But he wasn’t unemployed long, as the Los Angeles Lakers, thinking they have nothing to lose, took a chance on the vet.  They’re trying to assemble some type of team in LA during Kobe’s last years.  This team is in a rebuilding process, and they didn’t land any of the major free agents.  So they may as well roll out at least a watchable product to their fans.  


Rory McIlroyIt’s the open championship.  Tiger Woods has often done very well in this event, but this year, the whole pack is chasing pretty boy Rory McIlroy.   He has struggled in the past on Fridays in the Open Championship, and will have to keep his poise if he wants to keep his commanding lead. 

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