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Ovechkin/Kirilenko Romance No More, Coach K To Trade Wiggins, Dungy’s Controversial Remarks About Sam


Alex OvechkinThe Russian dream romance between hockey superstar Alex Ovechkin and tennis star Maria Kirilenko… is no more.  They were recently engaged, and everybody rejoiced in the idea of the toothless wonder (Ovechkin) marrying Russian tennis royalty.  But on Monday the wedding was called off by Kirilenko citing there were “a lot of reasons” for her decision.  


In the NBA, with a potential trade still looming between the Cavs and the Wolves (i.e. Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love), other basketball personalities are weighing in.  On Monday, Coach K (Duke’s coach, and coach of the United States National Team) said he would “definitely trade Wiggins for Love).  Sure, Wiggins has potential, but Love is about to enter his basketball prime, and he is the type of teammate LeBron needs to win rings.


Tony DungyIn the NFL, former coach Tony Dungy is making some controversial news. He said that he would NOT have drafted the first openly gay football player, Michael Sam. Dungy said it wasn’t because Sam shouldn’t get to play, but rather all the media attention around him.  Dungy said he wouldn’t want to deal with all of that, and would find the media circus a nuisance.  Then again, some believe that Dungy’s comments make the St. Louis Rams look that much more brave and impressive for drafting Sam.
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