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Upcoming World Cup Matches & Maurcio’s Tattoo


Upcoming matches for the World Cup quarterfinals on this July 4th weekend:

Friday, July 4th: France/Germany: 12:00 pm est

Friday, July 4th: Brazil/Columbia 4:00 pm est

Saturday, July 5th: Argentina/Belgium 12:00 pm est

Saturday, July 5th: Netherlands/Costa Rica 4:00 pm est

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 9.42.53 AMIn other interesting World Cup news, Chile’s striker Mauricio Pinella had a chance to win the game for his country but kicked the ball into the crossbar (he just missed the goal). Chile lost to Brazil and Mauricio blames himself. He says he “missed a shot at glory.” To remind himself of this missed chance, he got the scene tattooed on his back with the tagline, “One centimeter from glory.” 


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