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Ray Allen Looks At Cavs, Jamaal Charles Contract Extension, Bash Brothers Still Won’t Reconcile


Ray AllenIn the NBA, everyone is well aware that the Cavs are trying to court Kevin Love, but now it looks like a familiar face may also be joining the Cavs.  Apparently, there is strong interest on Ray Allen’s part to join LeBron in Cleveland.  Allen is a smart player who can still shoot a clutch three.  Plus, he knows that LeBron is where the limelight is, and playing with LeBron is good for media exposure.  It’s not a done deal yet, but this feels like it could happen.


Jamaal CharlesThe Kansas City Chiefs had a comeback year last season.  The absolutely stellar play of their star running-back Jamaal Charles definitely contributed.  Since Charles played so well, naturally he wanted a bigger contract.  And he definitely got one.  Charles received a 2-year extension and more money and will be reporting to training camp.  The Chiefs are hoping to be even better next season.


McGwire & ConsecoYou may remember the “Bash Brothers” from the Oakland Athletics in the late 80’s:  Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco.  These guys used to crush home runs left and right.  Unfortunately, the two don’t speak today primarily because of a 2005 book put out by Jose Canseco.  Canseco listed McGwire as using performance-enhancing drugs and put his home run record under the microscope.  Conseco apologized to McGwire during last weekend’s 25th anniversary of the 1989 World Series victory. Ultimately, in 2010, McGwire said he did use performance-enhancing drugs, but he still doesn’t forgive Canseco for naming him in his book.  “It’s too late” for any kind of reconciliation, McGwire said. 

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