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Tyree Controversial Hire For Giants, New Baby Name Bowden Saint-Clair, Love Still In Play


David TyreeIn some controversial news out of the NFL, the New York Giants are under fire for the recent hiring of David Tyree as director of player development after a free background check.  Tyree is a New York icon for his now famous “helmet catch” against the Patriots in the Super Bowl.  That catch allowed the Giants to get the game-winning touchdown.  Tyree is also very homophobic, saying a few years ago that he would sell his Super Bowl ring if it meant gays couldn’t get married.  So when the Giants asked him onboard, they got an earful from the Human Rights Capital Campaign. 

And in some strange, but cute news… Minnesota Vikings Christian Ponder has selected a name for his new daughter, and it’s certainly an unconventional one.  Ponder has decided to name his daughter in honor of his legendary coach at Florida State, Bobby Bowden.  The baby’s name is Bowden Saint-Clair.   Not exactly a traditional name, but maybe it will catch on and become a Top Baby Name for 2015.


In the NBA, everyone is expecting Kevin Love to be a Cav, but it isn’t a done deal yet. The Golden State Warriors are still very much in play, and now the Chicago Bulls are making a big push for Love.  Their package is rumored to feature up-and-coming forward Taj Gibson and the sharp-shooting and defensive Jimmy Butler.  The Cavs potential offer of Andrew Wiggins for Love is still appealing, but the T-Wolves may want more proven players to build around now.  

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