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Senior VP Of Labor Speaks Out On Rice, Lebron Wearing #23, Sterling To Sell Clippers


In the NFL, after the out cry about the short length of the Ray Rice suspension (only 2 games), the League has decided to comment on the issue.  The SeniorVP of Labor Policy came out and said that they think the suspension length is fair, especially because they have listened to all pertinent parties involved and made an informed decision.  As for the fact that this doesn’t “send a message”, the NFL thinks that players are not going to go out and commit domestic violence just because they see the punishment is only 2 games.  This is still a controversial issue, and will continue to be discussed.


Michael JordanIn the NBA, LeBron has made another important ‘decision’.  This time… about his jersey number.  LeBron was deciding between wearing his #6 jersey he wore in Miami or reverting back to #23 which he wore in Cleveland.  Ultimately, he decided to go back to his roots, and wear #23.  Of course, everyone wanted the opinion of the greatest athlete to ever wear #23:  Michael Jordan.  And Jordan kept it simple, saying he was fine with it.  

Donald SterlingFinally in the NBA, the judge has made a ruling, allowing Clippers co-owner Shelly Sterling to finalize the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers.  Donald Sterling fought tooth-and-nail to try and keep his team, but a $2billion offer from Microsoft billionaire Steve Ballmer looked like it was going to get the green light from the league.  And on Monday, we saw an end to it, with the judge ruling to allow Shelly Sterling to sell the team for $2billion.  The Clippers are headed in a very exciting direction.  However, it was also reported yesterday that their star forward Blake Griffin has a back fracture.  Yikes!

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