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Gordon’s Second Hand Smoke, Raiders Rumored Move To San Antonio, Durant Happy About Lebron, Manning’s Dance Moves


In the NFL, Cleveland Browns star receiver Josh Gordon has been in the limelight this summer, but for all the wrong reasons.  Gordon failed a drug test a few months ago, and faces a season-long suspension and about a month ago, he was arrested for a DUI. That doesn’t help his case for getting a chance to play this season.  On Tuesday, however,  Gordon came out telling the media that his drug-test failure was due to second hand smoke.  It sounds a little farfetched, but the NFL is going to hear his appeal, as Gordon tries to reduce his suspension.  

Elsewhere in the NFL, rumors are swirling that (and these are just rumors) the Oakland Raiders are considering a possible move to… not Los Angeles, but San Antonio.  Apparently, they think they have a pretty strong market in San Antonio, and given the wild attendance at Spurs games, the Raiders think they might be able to sway the whole town to selling out Raiders’ games.  Of course this is just talk at this point, but it would be an interesting direction to go in.


Kevin DurantFinally, in the NBA, Kevin Durant told the media that he was happy about the LeBron move.  Sure, he meant that he was happy for his friend going home, but it’s possible he is also speaking a little selfishly knowing that the mighty Miami Heat have fallen.  Then, Durant was asked about his free agent plans in 2016.  Durant said he didn’t know what the future holds, but the Washington Wizards are licking their chops hoping that Durant follows LeBron’s direction, and moves back home. 

Peyton ManningIf you want to put a smile on your face, watch Peyton Manning dance to Rocky Top during Team practice!

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