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In the NFL, some more disturbing news form the Aaron Hernandez case.  New details keep coming out about this guy, and the latest shocking development is that Aaron Hernandez was an avid user of the drug angel dust.  Apparently, according to sources, Hernandez was heavily into the drug during his time at the University of Florida, and even did his best to try and falsely pass drug tests.  Hernandez’ trial won’t take place until some time from now, but a lot of magazines (including Rolling Stone) are dead set on revealing all the skeletons in Aaron’s closet.  It should be interesting to see what comes out next.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the New England Patriots have made their first line of roster cuts.  And there was one name that everyone was looking for:  Tim Tebow.  Would he make the first string of cuts?  The answer:  Yes.  He survived the gauntlet.  This is no guarantee that he will make the team — far from it actually, but it’s an indicator that the Pats’ brass are at least curious to see how having him around will help the squad.  Patriots owner Robert Kraft has said that he is rooting for Tebow to make the team, but it is ultimately Bill Belichick’s decision at the end of the day.  Good drama before the season starts.


Finally, in some much more lighthearted news, the Dallas Mavericks are pulling out some creative measures to sell season tickets.  They’re not projected to do much in the West, so they have to do what they can to get fans to pony up for the season.  That’s why they created a spoof on Geico’s “Hump Day Camel” ad.  This one is best explained… if you watch, but let’s just say it features Dirk Nowitzki as the camel.  Here is a link to the video:

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