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The league has thrown the hammer on Alex Rodriguez.  Alex Rodriguez was suspected for using a form of performance-enhancer called Biogenesis.  Now, the league has decided that A-Rod will be suspended past the 2014 season.  That’s a 211 game suspension.  This might mark the end of A-Rod’s career, although it’s likely that some team will find a use for the aging slugger when he is eligible to play again. A-Rod is expected to appeal so you haven’t heard the end of this.


In the NFL, while the Packers may arguably have the best quarterback in the game in Aaron Rodgers, they have had trouble finding a serviceable back-up.  Fortunately for them, Rodgers has never suffered a significant injury, and they haven’t had to worry about someone taking the reigns.  Matt Flynn impressed two seasons ago in one late-season game against the Lions, and they quickly lost him to free agency.  Now, they think they have found their back-up in Vince Young.  Young started with the Titans, then did two unsuccessful stints with the Eagles and the Bills.  However, Young has said that he feels he can still compete in this league, and the Packers were willing to give him a chance.  If Rodgers did go down, hopefully Young could step in and get the job done.

Finally, if you’re in the mood for one of the best sports shows of all time, HBO’s Hard Knocks starts again Tuesday at 10:00pm.  This year, HBO is covering the Cincinnati Bengals again.  People loved watching the Bengals before because Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson was so entertaining.  In fact, a lot of people thought he signed with the Dolphins last year just so he could be on the show again (Dolphins featured last year).  This year, the Benglas won’t have Ochocinco to amuse us, but the reviews for the show are extremely positive, and critics are saying that the Bengals are just as much fun to watch without Ochocinco around.  Tune in.

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