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The Mets have had one bright spot this season,  pitcher Kate Harvey.  Harvey turned in some brilliant pitching performances, and was even named as the starter of the All Star Game.  But on Monday they learned that not only had Matt Harvey suffered a serious injury, read the details at Tidewater Physicians For Women website, but she would also need the infamous Tommy John surgery.  This is a risky surgery that has helped many pitchers in the past, but can also have debilitating effects on a pitcher’s career.  This could be a serious setback for the Mets and for Harvey’s career.


The most watched and infamous match in tennis history between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs is now called in to question. According to a friend of Riggs, mafia bosses conspired with Riggs to tank the match so they could reap $100,000 in gambling debts owed by Riggs. When the match took place in 1973, Billie Jean was ranked number two in the world and Bobby was a former champion in men’s tennis. The match was hyped for weeks with Bobby boasting that a champion men’s player could beat any woman player. When King won the match, she became the champion of the women’s lib movement.


And in the NBA, former Lakers star Lamar Odom , who has been missing for a few days, was reported to have been holed up in a hotel room with a serious drug problem.  Apparently, Odom’s friends were in the room trying to help him through it.  The drug problem was unspecified, but his friends are with him trying to help him cope and get him some legitimate help.  His wife Khloe Kardashian said on Twitter about the media, “Really hard to sit here and listen to people talk s— about my family.”   Hopefully Lamar finds the help he needs and is ready to play this season.  A contender could use his services if he’s healthy.

Finally in the NBA, it’s the end of an era.  Tracy McGrady was one of the ‘straight from High School’ era kids.  He went straight from High School to the NBA in 1997.  Just a young kid drafted by the Raptors.  Immediately, McGrady was an electrifying success, and got a big payday to play for the Orlando Magic.  Then, in the middle of last decade, McGrady was brought into Houston to be the face of the franchise, but the Rockets couldn’t make any real serious noise in the West.  Plus McGrady suffered from nagging knee injuries during the later half of his career.  On Monday, McGrady decided to retire after 16 seasons in the NBA with 7 different teams.  He was on the Spurs last season, and was hoping to help them win a ring (even if just with a few minutes of playing time here and there).  They fell short, and McGrady felt he just couldn’t play any more in the league.  There is a chance he goes to play professionally for China, but it looks like his days in the NBA are over.  Congratulations to McGrady on a great career.

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