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In the NFL, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the opening game in Denver featuring the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens.  Traditionally, the season opener is hosted by the Super Bowl Winner.  But, the Ravens couldn’t play the home opener because the Baltimore Orioles have a home game and it makes it practically impossible to play a football home game there.  They share a lot of parking.  So now in Denver, there are huge posters of both Peyton Manning AND Joe Flacco outside of Mile High Stadium..  And the Broncos fan don’t like that.  Remember, Flacco was responsible for knocking the Broncos out of the playoffs.  The NFL is just trying to make this a big event, but it is irking fans big time.

Elsewhere in the NFL, in a miraculous turn of events, it looks like Redskins star second-year quarterback will actually start Game 1 of the NFL season.  Here is why this is amazing:  ROBERT GRIFFIN III HAD FULL RECONSTRUCTIVE KNEE SURGERY IN JANUARY. JANUARY!  Usually that takes at least a year to recover, and then players typically take it slow.  Griffin is apparently cleared by doctors to play just 8 months after suffering a serious injury.  This guy is practically Superman.  Either way, the Redskins definitely need their star if they’re going to make a run at the playoffs again.  And RG3 is good, REALLY GOOD.

And finally, the big story of the day came from college football.  After 2 months of turmoil over Texas A&M’s QB Johnny Manziel signing autographs for money, the NCAA has finally come to a decision.  There was a lot of speculation that Manziel could actually be suspended for a number of games if not the whole season. Then again, this guy is worth so much money to the NCAA this season (as he’s a must see product), it’s hard to imagine them actually disciplining him at all.   So Wednesday, they made their call.  Johnny Manziel is SUSPENDED… for the first half of the first game of the season.  Wow, don’t lay it on too thick.  The real punishment for Manziel is that he’ll likely lose out on the voting for the Heisman trophy this year.

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