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In the NFL, now that former New England Patriots’ wide receiver,  Wes Welker is about to start next season with the Denver Broncos, he is opening up about his former Patriots coach Bill Belichick.  Welker said that he “put up with” Belichick, explaining to the media that he never liked when Belichick chided him in front of the entire team.  Welker said that all of Belichick’s yelling seemed to be a new thing towards the end of his six-year stint with the team, and that this is definitely one of the reasons he wanted to get out of town.  Welker said that he feels like he can be more of himself in Denver — that there is a more open attitude there.  Either way, Peyton Manning is sure happy that Belichick mistreated Welker, because now he’s got another incredible end zone target.

And in some more news about athletes gossiping about their former team, new Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings said that he was practically “brainwashed” while in Green Bay.   He said that the organization indoctrinates its team members to think that the rest of the teams in the division are lower tier teams, and that everything in Green Bay is the absolute best.  And, why is this brainwashing,? Every team thinks they’re better than every other team (or at least they should).  That’s the nature of competition, but apparently Jennings found this unsettling, and feels much more at home on his new team.


In the NBA, this week is the annual rookies educational camp in which rookies attend a workshop learning how to deal with the lifestyle of a professional basketball player.  They learn how to handle their money, how to deal with the media, and most importantly how to avoid the wrong people (e.g. people looking to hustle them, steal their money, or sue them).  Well, one of the main rules at the camp is “No guests allowed”.  That may be the case, but Timberwolves rookie and former UCLA standout Shabazz Muhammad didn’t seem to care, as he invited a girl back to his room.  The NBA had no tolerance for that, so they booted him right out of camp.  If he can’t follow that simple rule for a few days, how well is he going to take specific directions from a coach.

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