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In the NFL, Patriots fans got a huge scare at training camp.  In a somewhat rare occurrence, the Patriots were having a dual practice with another team:  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  This is so the players can see a fresh opponent, even though it’s all just light contact.  Even though it’s just a practice, these players are still on different teams, and they want to hurt each other.  So things got fierce, causing one of Tom Brady’s guards to fall backwards and land on Brady’s ankle.  Brady went down, and didn’t get up.  All Pats fans held their breath, but eventually Brady got up and walked off.  This begs the question of whether the NFL should have dual practices.


And in tennis, after coming off a Wimbledon women’s championship, Marion Bartoli has decided to retire at age 28.  She was a huge underdog to win Wimbledon, and when she took home the prize, we’ll always remember how she climbed into the crowd to hug her family.  But Wednesday, Bartoli had an early exit in a small tournament, and citing significant injuries, she knew it was time to stop.  Once you have a nagging injury in a hyper-athletic sport like tennis, it’s very hard to continue playing at a super high level.  Sometimes the pain is just too much and you have to do what’s best for your body going forward.  But if you do have to retire from tennis, it never hurts to have a Wimbledon championship under your belt.

Finally, in a very sad story, Gia Allemand, the girlfriend of New Orleans Pelicans sharpshooter Ryan Anderson, has died in apparent suicide.  Allemand is best knows as a reality star on the bachelor.  She was a former ballet star and model.  Anderson released a statement saying that Allemand is the best person he knew — that she was always smiling and making other people around her smile.  A very sad story, but according to reports, all of her family and long-time friends were at her side when she died.

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