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In college football, Heisman Trophy winning Johnny Manziel is in the limelight again. The NCAA is investigating Manziel for possibly accepting money for signing autographs.  If this is the case, there is a chance he could be suspended for the season.  This would be a huge blow to both Manziel and college football in general, as Texas A&M is projected to have a possible run at the National Championship.  If Manziel doesn’t play, this is also a big problem for the NCAA, as he is a huge media draw and will definitely boost ratings.  They need him on the field, but rules are rules.  We’ll see how this one plays out.
And in the NFL, there is a major overhaul to the Pro Bowl.  They are ditching the AFC v. NFC format.  Instead, there will be two honorary captains who will pick their dream football team.  This is the same format as the NHL all-star game, purportedly more fun for the fans.  Everyone likes a fantasy draft.  However,  Hall of Famer, Jerry Rice said that the biggest problem with the Pro Bowl is that the players simply don’t care; they don’t consider it an honor, and thus don’t play hard.  They don’t want to jeopardize their NFL careers by playing too hard and risking an injury.  The new format is slightly safer, and won’t have kickoffs (the cause of a lot of injuries).   Jerry Rice said that he thinks the new format will raise eyebrows, but probably won’t save the game.  We may not see the Pro Bowl much longer.


Finally, in golf, Tiger Woods is back on top.  On Sunday, Tiger took home the Bridgestone Championship trophy, edging his competition by a healthy 7 strokes.  Tiger has always done well at Bridgestone.  His comrade Rory McIlroy said “He does well on every course he plays, but he comes back to a few courses on tour that he seems to really excel at.”  Tiger has been up and down this year, but capturing this championship gives Woods his 79th tour win.

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