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In the NFL, Peyton Manning said in a Sirius XM radio interview yesterday that he felt a lot better in his second year in Denver.  Everyone saw the brilliant performance that Manning put on in 2012, but Manning has a lot more up his sleeve for this season.  He said he is much more comfortable with his receivers now, knowing exactly how they will run and come out of a route.  Because of this, he can throw his passes more precisely and cater them specifically to what the receiver will do.  Manning said that HE didn’t notice, but his receivers have been pointing out that his balls hit them more in stride.  The Broncos should be very dangerous this season.
The media is now circling Patriots coach Bill Belichick for answers on Tim Tebow’s status with the team.  Tebow is currently penciled in as the 3rd string QB behind Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett, but Mallett left their first pre-season game hurt, which brought in Tebow for a couple of series.  Tebow did nothing to impress, but the media still wants answers about where Tebow stands.  Belichick took the podium, and in Belichick fashion, told reporters that he wasn’t ready to talk about  that at this time.  so get ready for some Tebow drama in New England. 


Elsewhere in sports, LeBron James is continuing his off-season vacation touring the nation.  However, it’s not all basketball and endorsements for LeBron.   LeBron is involved in an “I Promise” campaign which encourages kids to stay in school.  LeBron has been going to elementary and middle schools across the nation, forcing kids to “Promise” that they will stay in school among other positive things.  LeBron is really turning into a genuine role model for kids that goes beyond just being a great basketball player.  It will be interesting to see what else he decides to do philanthropically during his career.


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