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Even though LeBron James may be the King of the World right now — a reigning champ with 2 rings on his finger, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have to do Jury Duty.  Yesterday, LeBron posted to Instagram that he was ready to go do his civic duty.  Imagine showing up in the jury room, and seeing LeBron James waiting there bored just like you.  And he still runs the same chance as everybody else getting on a long trial, although you would have to imagine the lawyers would dismiss him as a distraction.

Elsewhere in the NBA, the Portland TrailBlazers are trying to become this year’s Golden State Warriors: a young team that is finally starting to put the pieces in place to make a playoff run.  Thursday, they added veteran point guard Mo Williams.  Williams will back up their rookie of the year Damien Lillard, but he also adds some veteran leadership to a team that is full of talent.  A strategic move by the Blazers.


Finally, in a sad story out of the baseball world, the young terminally ill fan who befriended the Dodgers’ Matt Kemp died yesterday.  Joshua Jones was a huge Matt Kemp fan, and in a road game in San Francisco, Matt Kemp ran over to Joshua and gave him a signed ball, his jersey, his hat, and his shoes.  It was an incredible moment that went viral.  Thursday, Matt Kemp got the call that Jones had died, and it hit Kemp hard.  Kemp said he didn’t think it was going to happen that soon.   Here is the viral video:

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