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In the NFL, it was a Monday Night match-up between the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals.  Both of these teams are having horrible years.  The only difference is… the Niners are making some strides to turn it around.  This mainly includes the switch at quarterback from Alex Smith to former Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith from Ohio State.  With him at the helm, the Niners are starting to finally have a sustainable offense.  Could they bring the pain to Arizona?

The answer:  Of course.  The game started out with San Fran bulldozing Arizona’s line with their run game.  The Cards simply had no answer for Frank Gore.  In fact, the only person who could stop Frank Gore… was Frank Gore, as he went out with an injury and it was later revealed to be a cracked hip.  He may be out for awhile.  Fortunately,  this offseason, the 49ers picked up one of the best running backs of the decade in Brian Westbrook.  Westbrook has been waiting for his chance to prove he still has something left in the tank, and last night he got his wish.  He kept the train rolling with 136 yards and a touchdown. Arizona meanwhile couldn’t do anything.  Their offense was dead, their defense lifeless, and their morale truly crushed.  After the game, Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson had a meltdown when accused that he was laughing when they were losing.  Anderson said he puts his heart and soul into this [expletive] every week, and then left the interview room.  Clearly, there is something wrong in Arizona.  Expect them to draft one of the top quarterbacks in next year’s draft.  San Francisco 27, Arizona 6.

In college football, TCU has had enough of trying to prove themselves.  They’ve been outstanding this decade, but, come time for the BCS Bowl rankings, they always have to hope the committee lets them into a big bowl.  Well, they’re tired of hoping, and in 2012, TCU will join the Big East, a conference with an automatic BCS Bowl Bid.  That’s a good conference for them too because it’s one of the weaker major conferences.  They may be able to dominate in there, and sneak into the BCS Championship Game.  However, facing the likes of Syracuse, Pitt, and West Virginia every week will be much more difficult than crushing the Colorado State Rams.


In the NBA, the Miami Heat have been under the microscope lately.  They have completely underachieved this season, and it was reported that head coach Erik Spolestra called out LeBron for not taking things seriously.  The two had a private chat, and last night was the byproduct of that meeting.  The Heat took on a John Wall-less Washington Wizards team and looked to dazzle the crowd.  Dazzle they did, as they had control of the game from front to end.  LeBron and Dwayne Wade had 30 and 26 points respectively to bury the Wizards.  They’re hoping this is the beginning of a turnaround.  Recently, LeBron was quoted as saying this season wasn’t as fun.  Well, you came to Miami for the FUN LeBron, better start trying to make the most of it.  Miami 105, Washington 94.

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