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In a rare shake up atop the college football rankings, Boise State has leaped over TCU to #3 even though both won their respective games.  Why?  Well, this is what makes the college football system so interesting.  Last week #3 TCU took on #5 Utah in what was supposed to be a hard fought brawl.  Except… TCU absolutely pummeled them 47-7.  This made them seem dominant and ready for anybody.  However, on Saturday, that same Utah team that TCU pounded went to play an unranked Notre Dame and got crushed again.  Makes you think they were never as good as their record nor the final scores of their games.  Plus, TCU was supposed to destroy San Diego State.  They got up to a commanding first half lead, but San Diego State soared back in the second half.  TCU had to hold them off, and only won the game by 5 points.  In the minds of championship voters, if TCU can’t bury a horrific San Diego State team, how will they ever be able to compete with Auburn or Oregon.  And Boise takes one step closer to the National Championship Game.  TCU 40, San Diego State 35.

In the NFL, the Denver Broncos have been a total enigma this season.  They started hot, then looked putrid and completely beatable.  Last week they took on a lowly 49ers team in London and lost.  If you can’t beat San Francisco this season, you’re pretty worthless.  They hosted Kansas City yesterday, and the Chiefs were hoping to rebound from a close loss to Oakland the week prior.  Well, Denver turned into good Denver and handed out a whoopin’.  In just the first quarter, Kyle Orton tossed 3 touchdowns to give the Broncos a commanding 21-0 lead.  Then, Matt Cassel would get in on the offensive action, tossing 4 touchdowns of his own on the day.  In fact, both Cassel and Orton would finish the game with 4 touchdown passes.  Wow!  The Broncos just kept on scoring.  Even Florida golden boy Tim Tebow got a touchdown.  So the question remains:  Who are the 2010 Denver Broncos?  Are they good or bad?  Denver 49, Kansas City 29.

And in the Sunday Night Game, it was New England vs. Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh is definitely a Super Bowl contender, but if you expect to win the AFC, you have to show your home crowd that you can definitely handle the Patriots.  In other words, you need to win convincingly.  While the Steelers have a fantastic defense, the Patriots have Bill Belichick, one of the best offensive minds in the game.  When he wants to really dismantle you… he will.  Tom Brady had a fantastic game, throwing for 350 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Big Ben Roethlisberger did what he could, throwing for an astonishing 387 yards and 3 touchdowns of his own, but they simply didn’t have what it took.  Again, if you can’t beat the Pats, you better hope somebody else does in the playoffs.  The Steelers are definitely hoping the Jets or the Colts get the Patriots first.  New England 39, Pittsburgh 26.

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