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In the NBA, Kobe and the Lakers were hoping to take their undefeated record to Denver and continue their amazing start.  Denver is coming off an embarrassing loss to the Pacers, who put up 144 points on them.   However, Carmelo Anthony and the Nuggets intended to be the first team to finally hand the Lakeshow a loss.  Kobe had a spectacular night with 34 points, and Pau Gasol got in on the action with 17 points and an astonishing 20 rebounds, but, in the end, this was the Carmelo show.  ‘Melo finished with 32 points and 13 rebounds as the Nuggets did in deed deliver the Lakers’ first knockout of the season.  Unfortunately Denver fans, Carmelo is probably playing really hard because he wants to land a sweet deal when he leaves Denver.  Denver 118, LA Lakers 112.


Brett Favre has provided a new chapter to America’s favorite sports story of the past few years.  In an interview with the NFL network, Favre said that he will not be back in 2011.  He said that he never set out to specifically play for 20 years, but it looks like the Brett Favre career will stretch 20 years and no more.  A perfectly round number.  This makes sense as the Favre of 2010 is certainly not as good or effective as Favre 2009.  Sure, Favre helped them comeback and beat the Cardinals last Sunday, but this Vikings team is definitely in disarray, and that’s not fertile ground for a playoff run, nor encouraging Favre to play yet another year.  Let’s hope the Vikes can turn it around so we can see Brett in the wild-card playoff run.

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