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In the NFL, there is still controversy over the benching of Donovan McNabb by Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan.  In a 2-minute drill 2 weeks ago, Shanahan benched McNabb in favor of back-up Rex Grossman.  This raised a lot of eyebrows among a loyal Redskins fan base.  Why not start the quarterback you brought to town to win ball games.  Shanahan has recently said he thought Grossman had a better handle on the teams 2-minute drill and that he knew the playbook better.  It sounds as if Shanahan is skirting the issue that people are starting to sense — that McNabb isn’t working out in DC.  McNabb has laughed off claims that he doesn’t know the playbook, but there is definitely something wrong behind the scenes in Washington.

Finally, another update in the Cam Newton saga.  The Auburn quarterback is under investigation for taking money to play college ball.  He and his father were reportedly shopping for the best deal when choosing a university.  Reportedly, not only were they hoping for a scholarship, but also some additional cash on top of that.  Well, yesterday it was revealed that this story may be leaning more true than false, and that Cam and his father Cecile were, in fact, out there looking for the highest bidder.  If this story is confirmed, it will likely mean very bad news for the Auburn football program.  It essentially insinuates that Auburn pays players to come there.  Not exactly NCAA-rule friendly.  We’ll see how this develops.


In the NBA, the Miami Heat have beaten some bad teams this season, but also lost to the good teams.  They certainly haven’t been the dominant, kill-everyone-by-30 points team people were worried about.  Last night they hosted a hot Utah Jazz team.  The Heat got up to a big lead, thanks to a 39 point night from Dwayne Wade.  But the Jazz battled back in the 4th quarter behind an incredible 46 point night from Paul Milsap.  He is on fire this season!  In OT, the Jazz got the job done and the Heat couldn’t finish, giving Jazz an impressive road win in Miami.  The Heat are getting crushed down low, and there are rumblings that they might trade Chris Bosh for some much needed front-court help.  Utah 116, Miami 114.

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