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The rehabilitated and seemingly unstoppable Michael Vick threw his first interception in four years as his Philadelphia Eagles lost to the Chicago Bears Sunday. Vick, as you may recall, used to play for the Atlanta Falcons then dropped out of football for over a year as he spent time in prison for his role in dog fighting.  Bears 31, Eagles 26

With a new coach (Leslie Frazier),  and an old quarterback (Brett Favre),  the Minnesota Vikings managed to beat the Washington Redskins. Vikes QB, Brett Favre miraculously did not throw an interception in this game.  Presumably he is still planning on retiring at the end of this season, but with Favre, you really never know. Vikings, 17, Redskins 13.

In the wildest moment on the field Sunday, Houston Texan Andrew Johnson and Tennessee’s Cortland Finnegan got into a fight in the fourth quarter. Apparently this isn’t the first time these boys have gone at it.  Both players were ejected and could face some serious discipline from the NFL. Texans 20, Titans 0

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