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In the NFL, it was reported that six of Minnesota Vikings players anonymously told the Chicago-Tribune that they thought head coach Brad Childress should be fired.  This is a big deal.  These players came out and said that they hated their coach, although they would still keep playing hard and not “lie down like the Dallas Cowboys”.  Another unnamed defensive player said that Childress doesn’t have their back, so why should they have his.  The Vikings have been extremely dysfunctional this year, and this new revelation certainly doesn’t help.  It will be hard for Childress to mend his relationship with the team, but just like the Cowboys parted ways with Wade Phillips, don’t be surprised if the Vikings separate with Brad Childress.


In the NBA, the Utah Jazz had a major comeback victory on Tuesday night against the Miami Heat.  So could they continue their difficult road trip with a win at Orlando just one night after a grueling battle with Wade, Lebron and Miami.  Well, the Magic got out to a big lead because of the stellar play of point-guard Jameer Nelson and Vince Carter.  Everything was going the Magic’s way, but, in the third quarter the Jazz came surging back.  They even finished the quarter with a 10-0 run on the Magic.  Then, in the 4th, they were able to close out the victory to cement their current reputation as “The Comeback Kids” of the NBA.  Derron Williams had 30 points for the Jazz as they continue to prove they’re a serious contender in the Western Conference.  Utah 104, Orlando 94.

And in Washington, the Wizards have quite a bit of talent this year, especially since they nabbed the #1 overall draft pick, John Wall. Wall is off to a tremendous start this season, except the Wizards simply aren’t closing out games.  They know how keep the game competitive, but in the end, when it counts, they simply can’t hold on for victories.  Last night, John Wall and the Wiz hosted a lowly 1-5 Houston Rockets team.  If they couldn’t beat them IN D.C., then who could the Wizards beat?  The good news:  John Wall continued to illustrate his dominance, as last night he became the 3rd youngest player in NBA history to record a triple double.  It took him only 6 games into his career, which puts him 5th in the record books (Oscar Robertson has the record nabbing a triple-double his first ever NBA game).  Wall finished with 19 points, 13 assists, and 10 rebounds as the Wizards record their second win of the season.  Washington 98, Houston 91.

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