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The Rangers headed home in the World Series, hoping to even up with the San Francisco Giants.  They took Game 3 with ease, narrowing the gap to 2 games to 1.  They expected to nab Game 4 against Giants rookie Madison Bumgarner.  After all he’s just a rookie without World Series experience.  Sure, they might struggle with Giants ace Tim Lincecum, but Bumgarner?  Well, Bumgarner was absolutely dominate.  He pitched 8 innings, struck out 6 batters, and only gave up 3 hits.  Truly remarkable, especially for a rookie in the World Series.  The Giants got some clutch home-runs from Aubrey Huff and Buster Posey to give them ample run support and hold on for the win.  Now, the Giants are just one win away from finally grabbing that World Series trophy they’ve coveted for half-a-century.  San Francisco 4, Texas 0.


Speaking of Texas, the Dallas Cowboys were hoping that their 1-5 record didn’t absolutely doom them.  Remember, the Cowboys lost star quarterback Tony Romo to a broken clavicle for 8 weeks.  Jon Kitna would need to run the ship.  Dallas expected to grab a win at home against a rather weak Jacksonville Jaguars team, but couldn’t have been more shocked.  The Jags came to play, and their quarterback, David Gerrard, had a marvelous day throwing for 260 yards, 4 TOUCHDOWNS, and NO Interceptions.  Kitna… threw 3 interceptions (albeit none were truly his fault, bad receiving), and Dallas was embarrassed in front of a crowded Cowboy stadium.  In fact, the crowd starting booing them, and cheering for the Rangers baseball team.  After the game, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had to issue an official apology for Dallas’ putrid season.  That’s never happened before.  An unfortunate season considering the Super Bowl is IN Dallas this year.  Jacksonville 35, Dallas 17.

In New York, it was a much anticipated match-up between the two teams most experts expected to reach the Super Bowl this season:  The New York Jets and Green Bay Packers.  Green Bay is pretty banged up though, and despite a winning record, the Jets look like anything but a Super Bowl team.  Well, this game couldn’t have been more boring. Neither team could get their offense going, and we saw the game at 3-0 going into the half.  It didn’t change much in the second half, and the Jets got shut-out on their home field.  Nasty loss for a team expecting to do serious damage this post-season.  What would it matter if they got home-field advantage going into the playoffs if they can’t even score on their turf.  Green Bay 9, NY Jets 0.

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