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In the NFL, the Minnesota Vikings released Randy Moss on Monday morning.  Vikings head coach Brad Childress said that trading a 3rd round pick for Moss was a mistake.  Apparently, Moss was a little too difficult to deal with off the field, and the Vikes decided to waive him.  So, the major question remained, who could use Moss?  Most likely, Randy would join a team that just needs to get over the hump and then might be Super Bowl bound.   A team without a major receiving threat.  Well, he found his team:  The Tennessee Titans.

With the addition of Randy Moss, the Titans become a whole new team.  Unfortunately, their starting quarterback, Vince Young, is out indefinitely with an injury, but having Moss changes their game — even with Kerry Collins playing QB (remember, Collins was running the show during their remarkable season in 2008).  Titans receiver Kenny Britt has come on as a serious threat, and with Moss, teams can’t double cover him anymore.  Now, the Titans will have two down-field threats to target.  And, if defenses decide to cover the pass, that opens up the Titans running-game.  Fortunately, the Titans are home to one of the best running-backs in the NFL:  Chris Johnson.  If he has room to run, he WILL run, and with Moss on the field, we could see Johnson’s number skyrocket(Johnson is on my fantasy team to I really NEED his numbers to skyrocket at this point in our season).  Plus, the Titans defense is a force of nature.  This is going to be a very fun team to watch — they’re immediate Super Bowl contenders.


In the NBA, there is a feud brewing between the Celtics Kevin Garnett and Detroit Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva. Apparently, Garnett called Villanueva a ‘cancer patient’.   Villanueva has a form of alopecia that doesn’t allow him to grow hair.  So, in a dirty on court move, most likely trying to get under his skin, Kevin called Charlie a ‘cancer patient’.  Villanueva has publicly complained about this, but Garnett has publicly retaliated saying he never said that.  Garnett said it was a major miscommunication.  Garnett stated, “my comment to Charlie Villanueva was in fact ‘You are cancerous to your team and our league”.  Cancerous in the sense that Villanueva is an avid fan of Twitter, and all his tweets aren’t good for his team and the league.  Well, that may have been Garnett’s intention, but that seems a little too articulate for on the court trash talk.


It looks like Derek Jeter might be testing the market this off-season.  The long-time Yankee hopes to be back with New York, but it looks like New York might not want to pay him the big dollars.  Jeter is in the decline phase of his career, and the Yankees know that winning is what puts fans in the seats.  Plus Yankees general manager, Brian Cashman, said that he doesn’t believe in paying players for milestones — meaning that re-signing someone just because they WERE good or WERE popular isn’t a good business decision.  It’s hard to imagine Jeter in another uniform, but it definitely could happen.

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