This weekend, it was Week three in the NFL.

The New Orleans Saints are the defending Super Bowl champions.  They’ve started off the season 2-0, even though they narrowly won each game.  They may have a new challenger in the NFC South — the Atlanta Falcons.  The Falcons lost a defensive struggle in Week 1 to the Steelers, but absolutely pulverized the Arizona Cardinals in Week 2.  Could they upset the Saints?  Drew Brees got going early, hitting Jeremy Shockey for a touchdown, but then Matt Ryan, aka Matty Ice, and the Falcons got going with their passing attack.  It all came down to the end, when with the Falcons winning, the Saints’ Garrett Hartley booted a field goal to send the game to OT.  It looked like the Saints were going to take the game, but the same guy who sent them to overtime, Hartley, MISSED THE EASY FIELD GOAL!  The Falcons got another chance, and their kicker, Matt Bryant, kicked the game-winning field goal in OT.  The Falcons may have arrived.  Atlanta 27, New Orleans 24.

Elsewhere, in Kansas City, the Chiefs were looking to go 3-0.  Make it known that the Chiefs have been the doormat of the NFL for the last five years.  This season they’re playing with swagger, have an improved defense, and, most importantly, their stadium is FULL.  These KC fans go crazy for the Chiefs when they’re good, and that can definitely be an advantage.  However, they would have to knock off the 49ers, who gave the Saints a severe headache last week, and looked to be much improved.  Well, none of that showed this week.  The Niners looked horrible, and the Chiefs… they looked fantastic. Matt Cassel was the quarterback they wanted him to be, throwing for 250 yards and three touchdowns.  Their running backs, Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones, each had close to 100 yards.  KC is a very dynamic team and just might unseat the Chargers and win the AFC West.  Kansas City 31, San Francisco 10.

Finally, on Sunday night football, it was what most expected to be a defensive battle between the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins.  Neither teams’ offense is really trustworthy, and this was sure to be a simple battle of toughness.  There were points everywhere.  Suddenly both the Jets’ and Dolphins’ offense clicked into gear, and it seemed to be a contest of which team would score last.  Mark Sanchez finished with 256 yards and three touchdowns and the Dolphins’ Chad Henne finished with 363 yards and two touchdowns.  Those are big passing numbers for the Dolphins.  But, in the end, the Jets scored a touchdown in the last two minutes forcing Miami to drive the length of the field.  And they did just that, with Brandon Marshall running it down to inside the 10.  Could the Dolphins tie the game.  Unfortunately, high-pressured red zone offense is not the Dolphins’ specialty, and their QB, Chad Henne, jus couldn’t connect with one of his receivers in the end zone.  Game… over.  Jets win — a heartbreak for a Dolphins team with high hopes.  This only confirms that the NFC East will be a 3-way power struggle between the Jets, Dolphins, and Patriots.  NY Jets 31, Miami 23.

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