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In college football, as many know, the Big Ten will be expanding to 12 teams in 2001.  They’re not sure what the name will be yet, but they just broke up the new conference into 2 divisions — 6 teams each. They’ve decided to put the biggest rivalry in college sports (Michigan and Ohio State) in different divisions.  Now, this isn’t really a big deal, and the conference said they intend to maintain that traditional rivalry as the last game of each team’s respective season.   However, under these guidelines, Michigan and Ohio State actually have a chance to play each other twice in the same season (if they both win their division and play for the Big 10 Championship Game.  This just shows the evolution of college sports.

In the NFL, things are simply not working out for Matt Leinart in Arizona.  Leinart was supposed to be their quarterback of the future, but he isn’t catching on to the NFL game.  With Kurt Warner retired, Leinart was poised to be the starter, but a poor pre-season saw the Arizona Cardinals going with Derek Anderson as the starting quarterback.  According to Leinart, this decision went “beyond football” — meaning there were some personal political issues at play.  Now, a few teams are looking to trade for him.  Those teams:  Oakland (who may need a starting replacement for Jason Campbell, and Leinart would have his USC fan base back), Buffalo (who could use some support for QB Trent Edwards) and the New York Giants (to replace the back-up spot vacated by Jim Sorgi who is now out for the season).   It’s almost a certainty that Leinart will not start the season in Arizona.


Team USA got a scare from Brazil on Monday.  In their latest game against Iran, they absolutely cruised.  Kevin Durant was of course back in prime action scoring 12 points and even Minnesota’s Kevin Love did some damage with 13 points.  The win gives the US an undefeated record and first place in their group.  USA is expected to win it all, but after Brazil’s neck-and-neck game, there are no certainties that the Americans have this thing locked up.

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