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the NFL, the New Orleans Saints may have escaped a narrow loss against the 49ers, but it did come with a price.  It looks like they lost their versatile weapon, Reggie Bush, for at least 6 weeks… maybe more.  Bush broke his fibula, and when he’s not in the offense, it takes away a serious component to their typically explosive offense.  When Bush is on the field, defenses aren’t sure whether he will run or run out for a pass.  It confuses their coverage, and gives quarterback Drew Brees a sneaky little target anywhere on the field.  Sure, the Saints will still be ok, but in a league this competitive, you need everything you’ve got to obtain a back-to-back Super Bowl ring.  Hopefully, the Saints will get him back sooner than later.

Elsewhere in the NFL, NY Jets wide-receiver Braylon Edwards was arrested for a DUI.  Edwards was brought in mid-way last season to revive the Jets passing attack.  Going into this season, Edwards was supposed to have a major role as the #1 receiver until newly acquired Santonio Holmes is able to join the team after his 4-week suspension.  However, even though Edwards got in some serious trouble with the law, the Jets still intend for him to play on Sunday.  His only penalty — he won’t start.  Seems like a weak enforcement of a serious offense.

And it looks like the Philadelphia Eagles have some uncertain upper management.  Just yesterday at around noon, Eagles coach Andy Reid announced that Kevin Kolb would be the Eagles starting quarterback on Sunday.  But, just one day later, it was reported that Michael Vick will actually be the starter.  To be clear, Kevin Kolb passed all of his concussion examinations.  He was cleared to play, so this decision has nothing to do with his physical health.  This choice is all about talent level, and right now, the Eagles think Vick is the way to go in that department.  Plus, by starting Vick, the Eagles are much more relevant to the media, and will have a greater possibility of getting TV time, which means more money.


Finally, in the NBA, Denver Nuggets superstar Carmelo Anthony has recently announced that he wants to be traded.  It was uncertain where he might end up, but just yesterday Anthony mentioned the two teams atop his wish list:  New York and Chicago.  If Carmelo went to the Knicks, that would put him back in his hometown, and pair him with Amar’e Stoudemire.  That alone is a great team, but there’s rumor that superstar point guard Chris Paul might also try to go to New York and form a rival Big 3 to compete with the boys in Miami.  Then again, if Carmelo chooses Chicago, they instantly become a title contender with Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer, and Joakim Noah in place.  The end result will be fascinating regardless.

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