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No big news out of the NFL today, which made way for other sports.


First up, in college football is was a featured Thursday night game between #19 Miami Hurricanes and Pittsburgh.  Coming into the season, Pitt was favored to do some real damage in the Big East, even win it.  They had a Heisman running-back candidate, and seemed to be poised to do some damage.  However, they lost their opening game to Utah, and quickly saw their hopes and dreams disappear.  Well, now they are 1-1, and looked to beat Miami on their own turf.  Pitt was even favored to win the game.  Unfortunately, it didn’t go down that way as Miami put an absolute stomping on the Panthers.  Miami quarterback JaCory Harris had a spectacular game with 248 yards and two touchdowns.  Miami still considers themselves a contender for a BCS bowl and plans to continue to crush the competition.  Miami 31, Pitt 3.


And in the NBA, the Golden State Warriors fell under new ownership this summer, and with that comes changes.  Their new owner, Mandalay Entertainment’s Peter Guber’s first mission was to get a new coach.  Don Nelson has coached the Warriors the past few seasons, but turned 70 this year.  More importantly, this Warriors’ team has a roster that is not suitable for Nelson’s fast-paced style of play.  They will have to learn a new system, and it’s better that their new coach, Keith Smart, starts teaching that system with a healthy 5 weeks before the season.  The main question in the coaching change is why didn’t it happen sooner.


Finally, in baseball, another record was set.  Against the Toronto Bluejays, the Seattle Mariners’ Ichiro Suzuki became the first player in American League history to have ten 200-hit seasons in a row.  He’s currently tied with Pete Rose (also with ten) who spent his entire career in the National League.  Unfortunately, Seattle failed to win the game or even score a run.  Suzuki is still one of the best players in the game.  The only tradgedy for Suzuki is that he’s spent most of his career playing for Seattle.  Sure, they were good when Suzuki first got to the league, but they’ve been terrible the past five years.  Suzuki is handsomely paid in Seattle (one reason for his stay), and has legions of Japanese fans (another reason), but one would hope that Suzuki might switch teams and finally get the World Series ring he deserves.    Toronto 1, Seattle 0.

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