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In the NFL, it was a much anticipated Monday Night Football between the New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49ers.  Going into the game, everybody thought it would be an absolute romp.  The Saints were coming off an impressive opening day victory against the Minnesota Vikings, and the 49ers had just received a shellacking from the Seattle Seahawks.  In fact, coming out of the pre-season, all anybody could talk about was the 49ers defense.  To see the Seahawks shred them made many experts seriously doubt the Niners this year.

The game started with a 49ers safety, putting the Saints up immediately 2-0.  And when a safety happens, it’s usually an indicator that a team is discombobulated.  Then, Drew Brees marched down the field and found Reggie Bush in the end zone for a touchdown.  Then, things started to change as the 49ers offense finally started to click.  The Saints simply had no answer for Niners running back Frank Gore.  He just kept driving it forward and picking up first downs.  Gore finished the night with 112 yards and 2 touchdowns.

As the game reached it’s climax, the 49ers had just one more chance to tie it up.  And, in unbelievable fashion, they stormed down the field and got a Frank Gore TD.  Then, Niners quarterback Alex Smith was able to convert a 2-point conversion to tie up the game.  Wow — the Niners and the Saints tied with just under 2 minutes to go.  Unfortunately for San Fran… the Saints are led by one of the best quarterbacks in the league:  Drew Brees.  He drove the Saints down the field with ease, and then hit Marques Colston on a long pass to set up an easy game-winning field goal.  Saints are 2-0 and the Niners are definitely alive.  New Orleans 25, San Francisco 22.

Elsewhere in the NFL, it appears to be the season of the back-up quarterback.  The Philadelphia Eagles are already going with Michael Vick, but Vick has publicly stated that he is OK being Kevin Kolb’s back-up.  This isn’t exactly the showrunner Michael Vick we know.  He’s not used to being second fiddle.  But Vick said that Kolb is the team’s leader, and that he will do his best to keep things moving until he comes back.  Meanwhile, the Carolina Panthers have decided to start rookie Jimmy Clausen out of Notre Dame next week after 2 very poor showings from Matt Moore, and Ryan Fitzpatrick will replace Trent Edwards in Buffalo.  Buffalo is a venow confused team right now, and Fitzpatrick probably won’t solve that, but any change in Buffalo is always good in some regard.

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