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In the NFL, after all the off-the-field drama surrounding Darrelle Revis this off-season, it looks like the Jets will be without him for at least a week or two.  Revis suffered a slight hamstring injury last Sunday against the Patriots.  It happened as Revis pulled up a yard short on Randy Moss’ one-handed touchdown grab.  Without Revis in the line-up, the Jets are a different team.  Revis is their shutdown corner.  He’s responsible for taking out the other team’s best receiver.  That forces the opposing quarterback to throw to inferior targets, or even worse, completely rely on the run game.  The Jets will face the Miami Dolphins, who have their own star receiver in Brandon Marshall.  Marshall could have quite a big game against the Jets on Sunday, unless the Jets other corner, Kyle Wilson, can shut him down.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the Chargers’ Vincent Jackson was looking for a new home.  He needed to be traded by Wednesday’s afternoon trade deadline in order to be active for Week 5.  The Chargers received a number of offers for Jackson, but didn’t like any of them.  Apparently, the Vikings offered a second round draft pick and some other goodies, but the Chargers weren’t biting.  Because San Diego let the trade deadline pass, Jackson is out for at least the first 6 weeks of the season.  Many teams could seriously use Jackson’s big wide-receiver abilities, namely Minnesota and Washington who have very good quarterbacks but no great targets.  But, for now, Jackson will stay on the sidelines.

And in Philadelphia, since the Eagles have decided to start Michael Vick over Kevin Kolb on Sunday, other teams are sniffing out that the Eagles are ready to go with Vick for the remainder of the season.  Thus, reportedly, several teams have contacted the Eagles to try and obtain Kevin Kolb.  Kolb is an above average quarterback and would be highly efficient on a team that just needs an offensive leader of some sort.  The Raiders, Cardinals, and Bills come to mind.  Kolb has a great arm and led the Eagles to a string of wins in Donovan McNabb’s absence.  Most likely the Eagles will retain Kolb, especially since Michael Vick is no sure thing, but perhaps this is a chance for Philly to deal Kolb in exchange for some much needed help on defense.

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